It is vital in all building envelopes to have the proper engineering controls or environment to maintain the structure.

Dehumidification can be used in many roles to ensure that humidity and it's effects are stabilized and within reason so that secondary damages due to moisture do not occur.

Certain types of Dehumidifiers are used or supplemented in accordance with the condition of the atmosphere within the structure.
There are three main types of dehumidifiers.

Refrigerant- typically these dehumidifiers are used when there is a considerable amount of moisture and temperature. They do not work below 40 % relative humidity.

LGR - these dehumidifiers work in a range that would Be eligible when refrigerants cannot pull any more moisture from the air.

Desiccant- these dehumidifiers work below 10% relative humidity and also in cooler temperatures or temperatures that are not affected by engineering controls.