Biohazard, Crime Scene & Vandalism

Certain events occur that are man-made and involve not only the cleaning aspect of our services, but also the emotional toll that comes with the loss of a loved one or their property.


Individuals may create conditions to a property that hinders the use or ability to utilize the structure.
For example:
Broken windows, graffiti sprayed on the interior and/or exterior, fire damage, water damage and a host of other damaging aspects created by vandals. All Dry can repair and return the structure and its space to pre-loss condition by utilizing drafted and proven methods for removal, cleaning and restoration of these areas.


Many scenarios can arise that would be deemed a bio-hazard. Some of these would include a release of bodily fluids, chemical releases, animal feces and excrement. These types of cleanup must be handled utilizing Personal Protective Equipment and the proper containment so that no cross contamination occurs.

Crime Scene cleanup-

This scenario may involve the loss of a loved one, which in turn can take a very heavy emotional toll on any individual or a family.

We insure that the emotional needs during the cleanup process for both healing and communication are met.

When dealing with a crime scene cleanup all cleanup methods must involve strict communication with our customer and may sometimes involve law enforcement in the jurisdiction to determine what or whom may have caused the crime.

Depending on the source of the crime, gunshot, puncture wounds or strangulation. Steps are taken to address each individual type of scenario.